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If The Shoe Fits

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I’m not the only one whose frustration intensifies when I see pictures of celebs traipsing around in killer heels (and when I say “killer,” it’s in a literal way). How do they do it? I’ve narrowed it down to three explanations:

  1. Their heels are photo shopped in
  2. The pics are snapped during their only few strides of the day
  3. They are willing to endure the pain in the name of their careers

Well we can’t all have the luxury of door-to-door service, so we usually wind up opting for function over fashion, right? I particularly empathize with those that live in snowy areas (like mine). I mean, come on, Uggs or galoshes? Gimme a break! If I sound bitter it’s because I am. Grrrr.

While fashion and comfort might be direct contradictions, at least SOMEONE in the industry is ready to meet the needs of every day women. Cole Haan pleeeeeeeeeeease get your fashion colleagues to follow your lead! The Yarmouth, Maine-based brand has recently collaborated with sneaker-giant Nike to create (drum roll)…a comfy heal! Hallelujah! These shoes, retailing around $328, combine Nike Air technology with Cole Haan’s aesthetic.  Interestingly enough, CH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike (learn something new every day).

If you can’t afford a pair of Cole Haans, there are other tricks of the trade that allow us rock a heel without the pain. Follow these rules-of-thumb and get the best of both worlds: style and comfort:

Blissfully Painless

Ankle boots

Wedge heels

Chunky heel

Wretchedly Painful




Okay, okay, I TRY to stick with these most of the time but sometimes reason and will power are low. Next thing you know, you’re caving (like when I bought those patent-leather, nude stilettos I can barely walk in). Stay strong and sensible!  My favorite Italian shoes for women and boot obsessions.

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