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Fashion is beautiful, popular, individual, and an element of getting back

No one in modern people will miss it, so fashion is not wrong, but we need to create our own unique personal charm, reflect our own personality and body advantage, and our own unique personal style, one sentence: we want fashion, but We must be different, the style and fashion that suits our style is the ultimate fashion and trend~~ Popular, fashion does not mean that it is suitable for you.

Only the style that suits your style and can show your personality and temperament is your unique trend. The word is now very popular. English is fashion, which is often hanged in the mouth of some people and frequently appears in newspapers and magazines. The pursuit of fashion seems to have become a common practice. What is fashion? Fashion is the life style that is first tried by a few people in a certain period of time, presumably to be advocated and imitated by the public. Simply put, as the name suggests, fashion is the addition of “time” and “advocacy.”

In this extremely simplified sense, fashion is the life that some people admire in a short time. This fashion involves all aspects of life, such as dressing, eating, behavior, living, consumption, and even emotional expression and thinking. Many people will compare fashion with fashion, but it is not. Simply put, fashion can be popular, but the scope is very limited. If it is popular, is there a fashion feeling? Pursuit of fashion is an “art”. Imitation and herdity are only the “initial stage”, and its ambiguous realm should be to extract the essence of the fashion trend from one to the other, extract its essence [1] and true meaning, to enrich its aesthetic and taste, to create Exclusive own “template”.

The pursuit of fashion is not in passive follow-up but in rational and skilled driving. In short, fashion is an all-encompassing concept, and its tentacles go deep into all aspects of life, and people have been arguing over it. However, in general, fashion brings a pleasant mood and elegance, pureness, taste and extraordinary feelings, giving people different temperament and charm, reflecting the extraordinary taste of life, exquisite and revealing individuality.

At the same time, we also realize that human pursuit of fashion promotes a better life for human beings, whether spiritual or material. Everyone has their own fashion. The fashion of the war years is military and weapons, and the fashion of peacetime is sports and women. In 2005, China’s fashion was a super girl. In 2006, the world’s fashion was the World Cup. In 2008, China’s fashion was the Olympic Games. Fashion is a cyclical change.

Everyone chasing the “details embellishment” fashion is still popular, the trend is constantly changing, and the dazzling array of fashion accessories is always refreshing. French fashion concept French Fashion Institute (IFM) and Paris HEC Business School believe that knowing the meaning of wearing is the most important fashion, fashion is an attitude, harmonious combination, color matching, product diversity reflects the inherent taste and training.

In addition to French fashion, music, drama, and film are all representative of Parisian culture. The strong cultural atmosphere is the most prominent feature of Paris. The unique developmental diversity of French culture has created the openness of French designers and the more open fashion. French brands are most valued for high quality, color design, fine fabrics and workmanship. In the French market, the quality and price ratio are the most valued by consumers, and it is also very important to cut the fit.

The garment production and processing industry no longer exists in Paris. In the strong cultural background, creativity and the creation of new products are the focus of French designers. Paris glamour men pay attention to hygiene and health, fashion is just the outer shell, the soul is the most important. France, the world’s only TV station that broadcasts 24-hour fashion shows and fashion figures. There is no comment, no moderator, only 24 hours of never-ending, never lonely T-Taiwan storm. Those days I was busy chatting around during the day, and I was holding my eyes in the night and staying in front of the TV.

When I was sleepy but still sad, I said in my heart, God, since everyone wants to see you, I would rather that day. This can be Say Hello. The French way is different from other countries. It is more like an elegant river, but it is persistent and persistent. Compared with American pragmatism, the humanistic spirit of France is more likely to cause lasting enthusiasm. If the “American Dream” is a myth that encourages everyone to start from scratch, the “French Dream” is a story of how to learn to live truly in art after a person “starts”.

Too many French luxury brands that came out hundreds of years ago reinforce this feeling. Cartier, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and countless street cafes have shaped France into the world’s most knowledgeable art of living. Let us feel that paying attention to France, falling in love with France, and even studying France is to make life really a life. When fashion truly becomes a life attitude and lifestyle, and is integrated into the most normal life, this is the highest state of fashion. For the sentimentalist, the French taste is such a thing: even if you have never been to France, it allows you to look at anything no matter where you go, not to see how practical it is, but to see How beautiful it is and how different it is.

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